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Who we are

Project outsiders is a youth-led social organization that works towards better outcomes for youth in and from the foster care system, through advocacy and direct support. 

We are trying to bridge the gap between youth in care and the decision makers when it comes to having discussions and developing solutions regarding issues that makes the foster care system a dysfunctional a traumatic experience for thousands of kids. 

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Of crown wards drop out of high school


Of the youth homeless population has had some form of involvement with the child welfare system

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Of Ontario's permanent wards have a mental health disorder

Our Mission

At Project Outsiders we aim to highlight the vulnerabilities in the Child Welfare System so you can know what is happening to the youth in your communities. We have created a platform where youth can share their lived experiences so we can voice our concerns and bring attention to the ongoing barriers we face. We aim to develop partnerships with organizations to share resources you can use to stop these ongoing injustices. By sharing our lives with the rest of the world we hope to raise awareness around the issues that have made the system defective for far too long. We are driven by real experiences and data to support our claims and effectively push for better outcomes for youth in and from care. 



We have partnered with the CYC podcast to build a platform that allows youth from care to share their stories from the foster care system.

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As a registered non-profit organization, Project Outsiders depends on donations from individuals such as yourself. Any amount helps!



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A leader is someone who can absorb the pain and problems that live within his/her community and turn it into a path. 


- Chanice McAnuff

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