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About Us

Project outsiders is a youth-led social organization that works towards better outcomes for youth in and from the foster care system. Through advocacy, education, and supportive engagement with our community and local partners, we aim to tackle issues that contribute to furthering poverty in youth from care.


We are trying to bridge the gap between youth in care and the decision makers when it comes to having discussions and developing solutions regarding issues that makes the foster care system a dysfunctional and traumatic experience for thousands of kids. 


Our Story

We are a team of first voice advocates and allies with experience in the child welfare system, and we know firsthand the many barriers and pitfalls that youth are forced to face while in care that sets them up for a life of poverty and hardship. We have all been motived by our experience to ensure we see better outcomes for those currently involved in the system. We want to be able to provide youth with a sense of community, belonging, and hope. More people need to be aware about the truth behind the foster care system in North America.

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It's important that we raise awareness about the experiences of youth in the foster care system in Canada. More needs to be done to ensure that youth in care are not only able to feel confident that their basic needs and rights are being met, but also live in an environment where they feel fulfilled and are capable of reaching their maximum potential.

White Grass

Our Mission 

Raise Awareness

We created a platform where youth can share their lived experiences through our podcast. We aim to highlight the vulnerabilities in the child welfare system so people can know what's happening to the youth in their communities. 
By sharing our lives with the rest of the world, we hope to raise awareness around the issues that have made this system defective for far too long while building a community to help others find a sense of belonging.


Through our podcast, we intend to give youth a platform where they can talk about the unique challenges they faced during their time in care. The more youth speak up about their experiences the louder our voices become. 


Through our program, we will be supporting youth on a micro-level through individual based care. We plan to do this by raising money for the youth that come onto our podcast to finance the support they need to help alleviate the effects of the foster care system.

Meet The Team


Ashvin Sharma

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Chanice McAnuff

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Founder, Executive Director


Christina Loc

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Marketing and Social Media Manager

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