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Celebrating the Project Outsiders initiative, we have crafted a documentary to shine a light on the lives of youth within the child welfare system. We are deeply honored to present the stories of four young individuals who have firsthand experience with the Ontario Child Welfare System. Through the achievements of these four diverse young Canadians, each representing a spectrum of backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, and beliefs, the Youth in Care Project Documentary Premiere will provide a platform to showcase the experiences and reflections of those connected to the Ontario Child Welfare System. This premiere event promises to unite key figures from the child welfare and related sectors, offering a film screening, a thought-provoking discussion, and an engaging Q&A session.

The Youth in Care Project Film Premiere Tickets

  • Project Outsiders is a registered not-for-profit organization led by former youth in care with the goal of establishing a “Hub” (virtual and physical) that will act as a center of advocacy, innovation and excellence for youth in and from care.


    Youth in care is an often overlooked population due to the ongoing disparities that exist in the system. Due to this, the Child Welfare system acts as a pipeline to other oppressive systems such as mental health, addiction, homelessness, judicial and more. This forces most young people to age out of care and into poverty. Project Outsiders was created due to the increasing rate of negative experiences during a young person’s time in care and the poor outcomes that follow after aging out. Our goal is to be the tool that enables youth in and from care to be their own heroes. 


    We will equip them with the necessary skills to be courageous, autonomous, and ambitious leaders. How? Well… We take an active-based learning approach to develop the leadership capacity of lived experts and equip them with the skills to be effective change-makers. Through our hub, we introduce various creative projects like podcasting and filmmaking to spread meaningful messages about issues important to our community. We provide an extensive amount of opportunities for youth to practice their leadership skills and demonstrate their abilities to unite with members of the sector to cultivate practices that will stop the cycle of poverty and start the cycle of empowerment.

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